Big Checks: 18 Days til I Do!

If you can believe it? We're nearly finished with wedding planning. The tuxes are ordered, the dress is (still) being altered, the reception planned, the vows reviewed, the readings chosen. I'm considering my 'something borrowed' options, have 2 pairs of shoes (just in case) and my final florist meeting is at noon today!

Honestly, everything is coming along brilliantly and I'm not stressed nearly as much as I thought I'd be, though the bad wedding dreams are still happening. (Last night, I dreamt that absolutely nothing went well at our wedding. I was very upset, to say the least!)

In my heart of hearts, I know that the stuff doesn't matter, but putting everything together for our wedding has been therapeutic for me and hopefully will be a beautiful, complimentary addition to the evening itself. At this point, it's safe to say that it has been a process, frustrating at times, too. Really, I made a ton of stuff. A. Ton. Of. Stuff. But I love every, single thing (but especially love the seat covers I made for D. and me. Oh joy! Can't wait to share pics of those!)

All of this hard work is paying off because everything is getting done, we're not arguing over petty things (or anything, for that matter), we're laughing, enjoying these days and trying to get our minds off of any worries or nervousness we feel. Because it's scary. And real. And we're nervous. Not in a bad way, just in a "holy-crap-this-is-really-happening" sort of way. I'm trying to embrace every feeling because those moments in our lives are few and far-between.

P.S. We had so much fun together over the weekend. Although cold and rainy, the Pumpkin Fest was such fun! En route from parking spot to festival, I fell in love with this house. Oh what I wouldn't give to live in a 19th century house like this! What a beaut. Circleville is chock full o' historic beauty.

{It's FOR SALE!}


Mrs. B said...

WOW- great blog, all of it, pictures, everything. Thank you!

It won't be long now - I am so excited for you both.

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