Circleville Pumpkin Show

Yay! I love pumpkins! And corn dogs!

Years and years ago, my love and I ventured out to the Circleville Pumpkin Show for the very first time. Sucker that I am, I wanted to play a game. D. didn't want to waste money on crappy carnival games, but settled for my playing the goldfish/ping pong ball game...you know, the one where you have to land a ping pong ball into a little fish bowl and, if you do, you win a goldfish? Long story short, we walked away with not one, but TWO goldfish! It was the last day of the event and I think I can explain our "good luck" like this: 1) the guy felt badly that I had done so terribly, that he gave me another chance to win and I won. 2) It was the last day of the event. I don't think those goldfish were doing so hot. 3) I squealed like a 5 year old when I won. How could carny guy resist my charms?

We went home that day with the newest addition to our little family, Fish and Chips. Wouldn't luck have it that those fish lived for YEARS? Poor Chips died, though, leaving us with a fish named Fish. How original. Then we lost Fish and D. has forbidden me from ever playing the goldfish game. Wise decision, very wise indeed!


HennHouse said...

I love that story!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha hilarious

Mrs. B said...

What fun! Did you enjoy yourselves at the festival, I hope?

No fish this time, though, I presume?

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