A Weekend for Festing

Not only did we hit up the Dublin Irish Festival this year, we made it out to the Ohio State Fair (which also happened to be my very first visit!) I couldn't have asked for better weather or company.

DIF was a little different this year -- seemingly more mellow, which for me is a HUGE plus. D. only had his foot run over with a stroller once...

I managed to eat Jeni's only once, but it took major self-control. Salty caramel + Dublin Stout = sweet beery goodness.

Very talented Irish dancers from Richens/Timm

Sunday was chock full o' festival goodness. I had no idea what to expect from the Ohio State Fair, aside from a life-sized cow made entirely of butter (which I didn't end up seeing), a plethora of deep-fried goodies and stinky farm animals. Well, given my affinity for two of the three, I was up for the adventure.
Strictly gratuitous ride shots. I'm not one for carny rides...

Disgustingly sweet and way peanut buttery...but it had to be done.

Best waste of $2 ever. The side show tent.
He really lifted that iron up...with hooks in his eyelids. *shudder*
I was entirely too close for comfort.

That's all, folks!


Anonymous said...

heh. carnies. heh

Taryn said...

OMG...the sheep!! That is absolutely hilarious. I'm glad you had a good weekend.

The side show guy makes me shudder too...and I wasn't there.

HennHouse said...

I just love that shot of you and D!! So cute!

Lmarie said...

I'm so jealous ... this is what I wanted to do this weekend. Lin got to go to the Irish Fest, but I already had plans, so I was forced to miss out. You and your man are so cute!

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