I'll miss the turkey salad.

Though I had only visited the Broadmoor Market a couple times in my life, it reminded me so much of the teeny tiny local Catawba Market grocery store of my youth that I am sad to see another local, family-owned, historic business close. I will forever miss their turkey salad, which was second to none. If anyone happens to know the misters Lombardi, please let me know. I'd love to add that recipe to my cherished collection.


MSM said...

OH NO!!!!!!!

Theirs was absolutely hands-down the best turkey salad, bar none...including my very own homemade!

They will be sorely missed.

Yet another small independent business going away. If we don't support our local business, it will go away forever, to be replaced by ugly generic big box business from hell.

Thanks for this post and the gentle reminder.

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