Like Ireland, but Smaller..

If you're looking for a fun local-to-Central-Ohio festival this weekend, head over to the Dublin Irish Festival. We go every year...I think I've been every year for the past 16! I like to consider myself a bit of an DIF expert :)
Not only has it quadrupled in size over the years (they expect well over 100,000+ people this weekend), the merchants and features have expanded exponentially -- the history, storytelling, children's activities, genealogy, Feis dancing shows, talented musicians (including many international acts...like the Prodigals and Gaelic Storm), good food (Jeni's has 2 tents this year!) and so much more. Honestly, it's nearly impossible not to have a good time here!

My one disappointment is missing Sneaky Peat's as a regular vendor. I miss his antics and peat-smoked BBQ! BRING HIM BACK DUBLIN IRISH FESTIVAL!

So, time for me to get ready to head on over this afternoon. Don't forget extra cash, comfy shoes and SUNBLOCK! And a word to parents out there: the atmosphere becomes decidedly drunken and much less "small child friendly" once the sun sets.

Slán go fóill!


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Was the Irish Festival its usual success this year?

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