Custom Embosser...Cheaper Than Letterpress

Truth be told, I put crazy amounts of thought into our wedding invitations suite (but c'mon...would you expect anything less from me?) I think we managed to work out exactly what we wanted for a very reasonable price, but in order to get there, we had to compromise on a few things to make that happen. That means that letterpress envelopes was completely out of the question (Hello, extra $100!) Given that my FMIL has promised to work her calligraphy mojo on the envelopes, I couldn't mess up the look with a return address label!

I considered a custom return address stamper (and how cool is this one?)
But a custom embosser won out for a few reasons -- it will give that same tactile letterpress look, it doesn't run out of ink, mess-free, I will use it a million times and it will last (big fan of things not to end up in landfills.)

Custom embossing+square flap envelopes=sexy

I went with a Three Designing Women design #3431 from Simple & Sassy. They had the best price I could find (less than $60 WITH shipping) and quick turn-around. It arrived this week and I got to work embossing every bit of paper I could find. Trick is to stand up when you depress the lever...but wow. I am impressed (har!).

Clearly not us, but you get the idea.


Mrs. B said...

Simply lovely idea!

Your invitations will be sure to dazzle!

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