Dirty Franks for Mr. M

He started it by bringing up hot dogs in an ice cream post. It only seemed right that I follow up with the tour de force that is our first trip to Dirty Franks. Now I know this isn't as interesting for those folks not in the general vicinity, but srsly. They put some weird stuff on hot dogs. Just stay with me here.

That green thing is mine -- lime slushie + sprite. They were out of cherry slushie, otherwise I would've been all over a Cowboy Curtis (aka cherry slush+ RS Cola). Goo!
I can't wait to try some alcoholic slushies. That's just brilliant.

The man. Looking ready for some franks. Or possibly he's nervous. Hmm..

Mmm. Ambiance.

Oh yes. 4 hot dots with toppings PLUS tots. We immersed ourselves in Dirty Franks. That's mine at the top, with the tots. I was a fan. Now. Onto the meat.

I got two hot dots. One Razzle Dazzle (top) and one Classy Lady (above the tots.) D.'s is the other basket -- he got a Dog From Hell (top, basket 2) and a Whoa Nellie (below)!

Here's the digs:

Razzle Dazzle = hot dog on bun with cream cheese, grilled peppers and fresh onions. [B-]

What I say:
"A little more bland than I'd hoped for. The cream cheese was just weird."

What D. says:
"Cream cheese on hot dogs is just weird."

The Classy Lady = Cheese sauce and crushed potato chips [A-]

What I say:
"Out of my 2, I liked this much better. The cheese sauce was very cheesy but the chips added a nice crunch. Reminded me of being a kid and smashing chips onto sandwiches (which I didn't ever do as a kid, actually.)"

What D. says:
"I don't remember this as being memorable."

Dog From Hell = Spicy Giardiniera pepper mix & soothing cream cheese [D]

What D. says: "Not a fan. Weird cauliflouer/carrot/vinegar topping."

What I say: "It smells."

Whoa Nellie! = Topped with pulled beef brisket & a drizzle of BBQ sauce [B]

What D. says: "Tasted like Bob Evans pot roast on a hot dog. Which I like Bob Evans pot roast, so..."

What I say: "My favorite. I liked the sweet BBQ sauce. I'd get this one for myself."

Verdict: I think I'd go back for another try. I really want that Cowboy Curtis and maybe even try my hand at making up my own hot dog (goodness only knows how many options I have to choose from!) However, it doesn't usurp the taco cart. Not even close. Good venture, though. Another taste is in order very soon.


Taryn said...

I don't know that I'd be brave enough to try any of those...LOL! Sounds like you had a great adventure. :)

Mr. M. said...

Hotdogs and cream cheese? No. Hotdogs and garlic jelly? Yes.

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