The Value of My Dollar {Pt. 3}

Exhibit 3: The Little Black Dress and All Her Colorful, More Trendy Friends

The Wardrobe Musts. Now this one is the hardest for me to follow prudently because I refuse to allow my fashion to consistently dictate into what box society will fit me. It's safe to say I like to wear a lot of hats, literally and figuratively. And my closet needed (and still needs) major assistance. Sure, I have some fantastic pieces, but a wardrobe complete they don't make. Some things are too small, some too large, some too worn and some need mending. The mending is easy, but what about the rest? I have trouble justifying The Big Clean and donating everything that isn't perfect...what would I be left with? A handful of items that are as close to perfect as I can ever get. Do I have the ten basics to survive by, a la Tim Gunn? I'd say a solid 6 of 10 isn't too bad, is it?

My biggest problem is not immediately going for the cheap when buying new and knowing when to let go of items I already have. When it comes time to donate my favorite pair of British khaki-colored dress slacks because they really are too big to wear, don't be afraid to replace them with another well-made, well-fitting pair. Consider those price versus value concepts with every purchase and think out of the box whenever possible. Maybe you find a great bargain at a discount store but they need a bit of a nip & tuck beyond your skill level to have them fit perfectly. Consider the cost of a good tailor and tack it onto the price. Still a steal or would a new J. Crew petite pair be a close second? Did you wait until the last minute before buying those pants? Did you presume the pair in your closet still fit and they don't, you have an interview in the morning and now you're desperate for another pair? "Desperation shopping" always seems to cost me double.


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