It's All Happening

Oh my. Tonight is my bachelorette party. How scared do you think I should be? :) My sis/MoH has been given explicit instructions -- no paraphernalia, if you catch my drift...I'd prefer to retain at least some shred of dignity, if at all possible.

However, if my plans go awry and you hear nothing new by Monday, please, someone call out a search party. "Last seen wearing fabulous black dress and peep toe heels, laughing loudly and generally carrying-on..."


Lmarie said...

That's an early bachelorette party! Mine is 1 week before the wedding!

HennHouse said...

Yeah!! I do hope you are taking a camera!

Mrs. B said...

I do hope you enjoyed your evening with your good friends and family.

It is especially good to know there was no need for a search party looking for you gals!

Eve said...

@ Mrs. B - it was so much fun! We had a fantastic time and I felt like a princess. Couldn't have asked for better!

@ HennHouse - OH yes, plenty of "befores" and "afters" haha!

@ Lmarie - It was an early one because one of my bridesmaids is visiting from England and won't be back until the wedding and we wanted her to help us celebrate! After how much fun it was, I'm considering more :)

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