Wait a Minute, Mister Postman

Lately, I've been on a slight online shopping frenzy and my nice postman keeps showing up with glorious little bundles of happiness. I forgot how grand it felt to get things other than credit card offers or other junk mail (Did I mention how fantastic online bill pay is? It's a MUST.)

Just yesterday, I got the coolest little old Swingline stapler (Made in the USA). I like that it came from Minneapolis Public Schools. That's so...random :) Oh yes, even with shipping, it came to less than the piece o' plastic version (Made in China) that I bought from CVS (and never opened...it's getting returned this week.) Go go eBay!
Other bits of fun to arrive recently: my TOMS (though I had to reorder as these are a half-size too snug), a darling white and black stripey sweater from Old Navy (petite AND on sale), my last two "wedding" vases (that makes 9!) and a minty-condition, out-of-print vinyl LP (though I'll not divulge the title, as it's complete pop trash from the 80s and it would be a poor representation of my musical tastes.) The reason for my enthusiasm for that particular purchase, you ask? It's replacing one that was "borrowed" and never returned back in college. (Take THAT vinyl thief! And for only ten bucks. Good times.)

The one thing I am most eager to receive hasn't yet arrived, though, and I'm getting a little nervous. I bit the bullet and bought some fantastically perfect stamps for our vintage-inspired Save the Date postcards. It is almost painful not having posted photos of that project yet, but you won't see them until most people have received them. I couldn't ruin the surprise for them, now could I?


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