A Tisket, A Tasket

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I had my first meeting with a florist on Wednesday and it went smashingly. I really enjoyed her company, too...In much the same fashion as my other favorite vendor meetings, this one lasted two hours and we chatted about a lot more than roses and ranunculuses (ranunculi?) Very soon I shall be receiving her rough estimate for everything I asked for (the overestimation, if you will) and each category (bridal bouquet, other bouquets, corsages, table flowers, altar flowers, yadda yadda) will have broken-down pricing so I can really see what trouble I may be getting us into.

That's the thing about the wedding flowers, though...Wedding flowers just aren't my thing apparently, even though I absolutely adore flowers. Strange how every bride chooses to obsess over one element or another during the planning process. Personally, I think we each pick something to fixate upon so we don't go completely bonkers. Or maybe that's just me :) No. I'm pretty convinced this is par for the course.

Another thing that makes flowers a bit trickier? I don't know how to articulate what I want or how to explain my vision (oh no, my inner artiste is speaking again.) I'd like a warm yellow to be invited. And perhaps to have flitty ribbons involved. I care way more about the overall aesthetic they present...size, texture, color. They could all be carnations for all I care (because I love them, thankyouverymuch). Maybe some fruit in the table flowers. Why not? Fruit is cheap, beautiful and different...the more I think about it, the more I like that idea. Just a little pear or bunch of grapes or something. Could be very nice.

But that's if I go with a pro. Of course, I'm a DIY masochist and have already taken on entirely more than I should, but I enjoy it and, well, I simply cannot be reigned in. Mom says doing all of my own flowers is completely insane. I tend to agree. The bouquets most definitely will be done by a florist. But what about everything else? Seriously, how hard could it be to make a boutonniere? I know I can make pomanders because I made these fab-o topiaries for my dining table (photo below.) And bulk flowers via the interwebs are just sooo affordable. Please, someone, talk me out of taking on yet another DIY project, ASAP!

Ah, choices.


HennHouse said...

And you WOULD make fabulous flower arrangements for your wedding, but think about the week leading up to the nuptials... do you want to have TONS of last minute things (because flowers have to be done sort of last minute-ish) to do? I baked my own wedding cake. Don't get me wrong, it tasted awesome. But in retrospect, I think I would have been less stressed if I wasn't delivering my own cake a couple of hours before the ceremony.

As far as fruit... I LOVE that idea. You could dip some grapes (orange slices, etc...) in large-grain sugar which would give them a glint, they could double as a snack, and you won't have to worry about what to do with all the centerpieces when the reception is over! I just love it!

Also, candles. I did a cake for a bride who collected antique blue mason jars. She put a candle in some of them and flowers in the others. It was beautiful.

Mrs. B said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that any single thing you do with be fabulous! Have fun in the planning, six months, then the planning is past you. Enjoy every moment of your wedding planning, dear!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Oh the color orange! Lovely bouquets!

Eve said...

@ HennHouse - You are so absolutely right. The very last thing I want to do is stress about flowers (which would be completely unavoidable if I DIY'ed them! Perhaps just the pomander...and maybe the corsages... :)

@ Mrs. B - You are such a dear! Thank you so much!

@ The Perfect Palette - I *love* your blog and color boards! Thank you very much!

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