A Little Blue

Don't worry about me...I'm feeling peachy. It's my office that's looking a little blue :) Oh yes, the first big step to home office bliss was taken over the weekend and I could literally squeal I'm so happy.

Initially, I had plans to go out-of-town for the weekend, but they had fallen through. D. suggested we go to pick up paint in the shade I wanted and I thought it was a grand idea, so on Friday, we popped over to Sherwin Williams, and with Aviary Blue for the win, we came home with a gallon and set to edging out the room. After a bit, we were right at that crossroads of "keep going and skip dinner" or "eat something and finish later." We opted for the latter, cleaned up, went to dinner and he treated me to a movie (Angels & Demons...I liked it. I'd give it a B+). What a great night!

So...onto the rest of the weekend. As I mentioned, the out-of-town plans fell through, so my mom treated my sister and I to the *perfect* girls' day out on Saturday, with massages, a great lunch and window shopping in Grandview and the Short North. Now. Do you suppose D. waited for me to get home to help finish my office painting? Nope. The man painted the entire room by himself as a surprise. Can you believe that?! I am over the moon, seriously.

Oh no, that's not it. To make it even more spectacular, on Sunday, we made a trip down to Ikea and bought two new shelves and four baskets for my office (and dined on Swedish Meatballs and lignonberries, too, of course.)

And here I sit. Office in complete disarray, but my computer plugged in nonetheless. D. to be home in a half hour. The potato casserole I made to donate to my church's homeless shelter dinner cooling on the counter. The sun in shining. You can hardly begin to understand how much I needed a weekend like that. I feel renewed of spirit and this office makes me feel creative again. Isn't it amazing what a coat of paint can do for a person?

Here's a sneak peek -- pardon the mess and the seriously horrible desk and plastic drawers. One does what what must :)

I can't wait to put together my new shelving! This room is finally not going to embarrass me!


Mrs. B said...

What a lovely shade of blue. You will be so pleased when your big project is all complete. Congratulations, dear.

I cannot even imagine you with even more imagination - we are in for a serious treat, I can tell!


Mrs. B

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