Oh Yum!

Bob Evan's Deep Dish Cherry Cobbler is back in season! Yay! I need to find a really good recipe for cherry cobbler. I have a killer blueberry bumble crumble recipe from my step-mom...maybe one of these days I'll swap it out for cherries and see how it comes out! Any bakers out there have a killer cobbler recipe that you'd like to share??


HennHouse said...

My son asked for cherry cobbler just last night!

Actually, if you've got the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, the recipe in there is pretty good (with a couple of modifications and spice additions). I'll dig around and see what I've got. If I come up with anything, I'll pass it along!

Eve said...

You bet I do! I have 3 editions, actually :) A paperback I got from my grandpa for Christmas years ago, a nice new binder version we got from my aunt & uncle as an engagement gift and an ancient one from an auction! I sure do love vintage recipe books...I drive D. crazy, I think!

Thanks for the help - I'm going to give it a go and TIA for anything else you may come across!

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