Eye Candy: Perfect Pendant

My newest obsession is with resin jewelry. I am all over it. If I can find a moment of free time, this is most definitely a craft I'd like to get into (but I vowed to D. once before that I won't start another craft until I finish my multitudes of unfinished projects...bah.) So, until then, I'll keep drooling over a few of my faves over at Etsy.

{Courtesy: SquishySushi}

I love that these pendants are recycled Scrabble letters and use bits of decorative Japanese papers. When I was in 5th grade, my best friend Kanae was Japanese and she taught me all about origami and Milky candy (yum). All these years later, I'm still a huge sucker for a brightly colored Chiyogami paper and those delicious little milk-flavored caramels.

{Courtesy: Urban Bead}

Did you know that I have a humble collection of vintage posters? They're all repros, of course, but I love them dearly. It just so happens that more than one of them are advertisements for Absinthe, so this bracelet was an easy pick for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love that scrabble repurpose, is gorgeous!

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