MUST HAVE: Personalized Bookplate Stamp

The Paper Princess is seriously one of the cutest web stores I've ever seen. There's so much stuff I love on here it's not even funny! I found it while cruising the web looking for some cool bookplates (and she has a ton of darling ones.) But lookie at what I found! It's a personalized stamper! I LOVE it! If I can manage to hold out until my birthday in August, this is going right to the very top of my wish list.

Leslie offers really cute vintage-inspired paper stuffs, stampers, bookplates, calling cards, stationery...Love love LOVE it all. Another must have is the grocery door hanger. It's tops!


Anonymous said...

OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see all my extras monney going away soon! Thanks for the hint! Love it!

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