Home Office Project: Viable Vinyl Storage

My home office/sewing room/hideout is still a work in progress, though I did get one step further on Friday by picking up paint chips from Sherwin-Williams and (possibly) having settled on one of the colors (a very pale blue with just the slightest hint of minty green...I was trying to channel my inner Anthropologie/shabby chic/vintage lover without going all Rachel Ashwell on everybody.) For anyone who knows my design preferences, there is one resounding "must" (and it is a MUST.) Nothing can match. Ever. Now, I'm not saying that carefully selected pieces can't coordinate in delicate perfection. If I am to live in a space blissfully, well then, matchy-matchy isn't invited. With that in mind, here's my dilemma...

Years ago, I became the proud owner of my mom's entire record collection (have I mentioned that she's the coolest person on the planet and has wicked taste in music?) Between my personal collection and Dan's post-DJ days, we have a humble collection of some great records. I want more, but refuse to add to a collection that doesn't have a proper home. An attractive option for properly storing all of our LPs (vinyl records to those who may have forgotten) is eluding me and, shock of shocks, the milk crates just don't cut it any longer!

I've found quite a few posts about Ikea's Expedit open shelving as a solution and it does look pretty cool, I'm just not certain that it will cut it for my dreamy, girly vintage-meets-practical office design concept. But check out this dolled up version found over at Apartment Therapy...I could easily take that same approach and make it work. The vintage wallpaper is a fab addition, isn't it?
{Top: Apartment Therapy. Bottom: Klipsch}

This is a shot of how the smaller unit (my preference) looks chock full o' records. It could work.

Another possible route would be a simple shelving storage unit like this one from Gothic Cabinet Craft -- it comes in a ton of colors, too, which is great. It's a good size and scale for the room (pretty standard 12' square box) and not too tall, either, so I could put my turntable on top, which kills two birds with one stone.

{Courtesy: Gothic Cabinet Craft}

Have I missed a glorious yet-considered alternative? Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I know that there are lots of folks out there still rockin' records...How do you store yours?


Mrs. S said...

Heh. A gal who actually likes her mother.....how wonderful!

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