'Egg'xellent Spring Equinox

Taken today by my friend Blake. Neat, huh!

I saw my first Crocus yesterday and squealed with delight. The birds have been chirping like crazy for the last few days, our yard - both front and back - is raked and ready for some (major) Miracle Gro and the sun is shining more than not. Oh, and I am recovering from the Flu. Not so nice, but it's Friday and officially Spring. I'm not complaining one bit!

Ah yes, the seasons are a-changin'!


Anonymous said...

So sorry you had the flu- yuck. Could you please explain the egg photo? I think I should know, but am confused. (Doh)


Eve said...

It's sort of a modern day folklore that on the March Equinox, that you can balance an egg like the above photo. The thing is, anyone with enough patience and steady hand can balance an egg any day of the year :) (Just shake the egg to resettle the yolk first.)

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