Guest Book Bonanza

Sometimes people's creativity makes my heart go all aflutter. True, some of these guest book ideas aren't exactly original, but they sure are great alternatives to the craft store variety.

{Courtesy: Zinke Designs}{Courtesy: The Bride & Groom Blog}

On a sad note...traditional Polaroid instant cameras/film are no longer available. Never fear, however! Polaroid does offer a new instant print camera for about $100 at quite a few major retailers around town. Though it falls short of warming my nostalgic heart in the same way, new technology can be pretty cool and it would definitely fit the bill as a replacement for the original for a creative guest book option.

{Courtesy: Elizabeth Anne Designs}

{Courtesy: The Incredible Bride's Flickr}{Courtesy: Bridalwave}

{Courtesy: eHow}

I have a pretty funny story about my future brother-in-law's wedding photo mat guest "book"...
So, long story short, D.'s family is English and all live outside of the U.S. Post-rehearsal dinner partying was inevitable and, apparently while I was sleeping away responsibly, several made up for my absence and drank my share. Some not-so-pretty things happened, in the form of fluid losses, and most woke up with a pretty nasty hang-over. Could this little momentary lapse of judgment be politely forgotten? Oh nooo, of course not! Where would be the fun in that?! Instead, a dear auntie left the bride & groom a little love note on their wedding photo mat, complete with a little stick person throwing up. Classic!


Anonymous said...

There's actually good news about Polaroid and the film. A group of ex-Polaroid chemists and machinists led by an Austrian Polaroid enthusiast are planning to bring the film back in 2010 - just about the time current supplies are supposed to run out! You can read more on their website - www.the-impossible-project.com - but in the meantime, Adesso Albums has got the 600 film on sale, buy 2 get the third for free - www.adessoalbums.com/polaroid-600-instant-film-single-pack.html. Check it out!

williac said...

I have a couple cameras I would donate to the cause.

Buy some film now (~$2/shot) and put it in the fridge.

Barbara C. said...

Anonymous, thank you for that information!

I’ve been an avid Polaroid user for years and was saddened to hear news of discontinuation in production of their camera and film. Since that announcement, I’ve been stock piling film and will definitely take advantage of Adesso Albums’ “buy two, get the third FREE” sale on Polaroid 600 film.

Eve said...

YAY! You all are the best, THANK YOU for that fantastic news! Williac -- my rockstar friend, I think I am going to take you up on that. *squee*

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