In The Bag

{Courtesy Red Ruby Rose}

Let it be know that I carry a particularly concentrated disdain for cheap "bridal" purses.

Granted, I have a *small* purse obsession, but I truly do not understand why someone would choose anything other than something stunning on their wedding day. Goodness forbid brides who choose to carry their
everyday purses on their wedding day. Shame on you! This is the quintessential fabulous accessory moment in your life. Don't stop at your veil and shoes!

Let's think about this for a moment, shall we?

Perhaps you're thinking you don't need a purse. Wrong. You need to carry a purse. You're a grown woman and though bridesmaids are truly amazing people, they aren't pack mules. Please get your own purse and quit trying to stash your accoutrements in theirs.

- How many countless hours of dress research did you do? How many dresses did you try before finding
the dress? How much money did you spend on said dress? How do you feel when you have your wedding dress on? Do any of these questions illicit an emotional response? Perhaps that white pouf of synthetic satin posing as a purse just isn't going to cut it?

Don't think for a moment that you have to break your budget to upgrade your most practical of bridal accessories to something less run-of-the-mill! More often than not, everything "bridal" is marked up by 30% or more and those drab little purses can run you $20, $30, $40 or more. Ebay, antique stores, Etsy, DIY, Target, clearance bins, a friend's closet - all very good places to start your search!

Here's a bit of eye candy for inspiration. You'll notice they are all clutches. Nothing is more fab-o than a chic clutch. Now, take my advice and please walk slowly away from the boring, white purses...

{One: Amanda Pearl}
{Two: Tory Burch via Avelle Bag Borrow or Steal}
{Three: Red Ruby Rose}
{Four: LuLu Guinness}
{Five: Chanel via Designer Exposure}


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