The Engagement

{The happy couple}

It recently occurred to me that I haven't shared anything on our engagement!

Here's the story...along with some photos from our engagement "photo shoot" (courtesy of my fabulous sister/MoH!)
August 2008. D. and I took a weekend to spend at my grandparent's old house on Lake Erie where I grew up. After work on Friday, we drove up, went to the beach, had dinner, relaxed and prepared for a great Saturday in the sunshine. The next day, we swam, sunbathed, snacked, then went back to the house to get cleaned up for dinner on Put-In-Bay. My uncle and cousins were at the house for the weekend too, so we said our hellos and walked to the Miller Ferry - a gorgeous coastal walk from the house. The weather was perfect, the ferry ride romantic and nostalgic. We had a blast at PIB, pizza at Frosty's, a beer and billiards at Tony's, a little shopping, then took the last ferry back.
{And he proposed to me when I looked like that...now that's love!}
It was already dark by the time we docked, so we stopped for ice cream cones and started the walk home. It was one of those perfect summer's nights. The mosquitoes weren't biting, there was a slight breeze off of Lake Erie and you could see every star laid against the velvety blue sky. We were just walking past Bolte's Beach, which is a beach without sand, but rather has a beach made of smooth rocks. D. suggested we stop off and throw rocks into the lake. We walked down in the dark and looked for good skipping stones or ones that would make a good splash. After about 15 minutes or so, he says to me, "Hey, look. I found you a good rock." And as I turned to see him in the moonlight, I saw the ring box in his hand. I said, "Is that what I think it is?" And he said, "Yes...do you want it?" I said yes with a big, nervous smile on my face and then he asked, "Will you marry me?" I freaked out and said yes and we hugged and laughed and then I opened the box and put on my amazing engagement ring. There were lots of happy tears, too! (Honestly, I was a blubbering fool, but there was no controlling that surge of emotion!) That was the most magical night, that perfect summer night on Lake Erie.
{Miller Ferry dock, Put-in-Bay. Lake Erie}
{Gratuitous ring shot}


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