Only 190 More Things To Do!

I really wish our To Do Checklist on The Knot didn't say we had 190 more tasks to complete for our wedding. Sigh. I get exhausted just reading the list, let alone doing the tasks! I actually catch myself wanting to cheat and check off things that aren't *quite* finished yet. Aren't I terrible? That's how much I want a website to validate all of the hard work that we're doing. How embarrassing. I should be ashamed...but I'm not really :) It'll all get done...because I am fanatical about having work left undone. And even if it doesn't? We're still getting married! Just have to keep reminding myself...can't sweat the details...can't sweat the details...can't sweat the details...

This is really what I wish the To Do list said:

1. Show up to church
2. Get married
3. Kiss, hug and smile a lot
4. Thank family & friends
5. Live and love happily ever after (or at least most of the time.)


hennhouse said...

That is your list. The other stuff is kinda important, but at the end of the day, these five things you've listed will last A LOT longer than any of the other 190.

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