Centerpiece Schmenterpiece

I'm feeling generally uninspired about the flowers for our wedding. We can't settle on colors, flowers or even how to present them. It's not that I don't have my favorite blooms (hello, ranunculus!) Even though I spend countless hours looking at stunning centerpieces online, nothing is jumping out at me for us really...and I feel strangely compelled to use our (almost reserved) reception space's available hurricane/candle centerpiece with something like a flower ring. Yes...it's a little old-fashioned, but that's almost why I think I like it. Here's a few not-too-horrible samples (with different flower colors, of course.) See? No baby's breath in sight! Could look good with our gold plate chargers too, don't you think?

{Courtesy: Unknown}

{Courtesy: Unknown}

Another option we're considering is something like a fab-o vintage hobnail vase with a mix of greenery and flowers (similar to this image but perhaps a bit darker or brighter, given that it's a evening wedding in November.)

{Courtesy: The Knot}

{Courtesy: Unknown}
Lastly...we're also considering taking on the task of buying bulk flowers and sticking them into some sort of vase and calling it a day. For this, I am a fan of these flowers:

Orange Ranunculus
{Courtesy Panacea Flowers}

Leonidas Bi-color Rose
{Courtesy Rain Florist Designs}

Oh jeesh (as D. would say.) What to do, what to do...


Anonymous said...

Love those Orange Ranunculus

Eve said...

oOo you picked my favorite! I love ranunculus..it's so simple and stunning all alone like that, don't you think?

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

there's nothing wrong with old-fashioned! :) hurricane lamps are gorgeous.

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