New C-Bus Magazine: Capital Style & More Food Adventures

So...who else has feasted their eyes on the debut issue of Capital Style? My mom gave me hers and let me just say "Wow!" I love it! Not only do they feature some of my fav-o spots around town (Hello Betty's & Jeni's), they give nods to Rue de Lily in Powell (kick butt store owned by a super cool lady) and so so many more.

And are you ready for the kicker?

Banana Bean Cafe's Bananas Foster French Toast recipe is in the back *squee*

I was literally just gushing about how out-of-this-world it is with some dear friends, over dinner at Betty's this past Monday. It is Shut Your Mouth kinda good. Rumor has it they're still running into some wonky hours, though...but it's worth it if you can catch them open!

For three days in a row, D. and I dined out...isn't that fantastic? First Betty's, then my amazing "home chef" sister had us over for a Mardi Gras feast of bourbon chicken, dirty rice, sausage stuffed mushrooms and key lime pie. Did I mention it was all from scratch? She amazes me.

Then last night, we met up with my foodie uncle for an outstanding dinner at Diaspora Korean restaurant on campus. Let me just say...the Sexy Cowboy roll may have been the finest tempura sushi roll I've ever had. And it was BEAUTIFUL! Of course, I had no camera (boo) so all of the food porn shots were missed, but seriously. If you can, go. It was hella hella yum.


The Vintage Housewife... said...

sounds to die for doll...yummm....slap your mama good...i wanna try...cat

Eve said...

I am thinking I should just post the recipe...it's just too good not to share! Keep your peepers open...I will try to get it posted this week :)

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