Gifts for Sassy Gals

There are the kind of bridesmaids who uphold the sanctity of all things truly and gloriously girly. Then you have my sister. She doesn't 'do' girly. No grosgrain ribbon bows, fuzzy pink robes, pearl earrings...nada. She's just not a girly girl, but she's not a tomboy either. She's fiercely feminine, just not in a J. Crew ribbon belt sort of way. More like femme fatale...she's equally as likely to let you buy her a cocktail as start a bar fight. Ok, well, maybe that's going a little far, but you catch my drift.

I know that lots of us brides-to-be love our sassy bridesmaids, but what on earth do you get a gal like that? Seriously. A monogrammed canvas bag full of chocolates and bath fizzies is great, but probably won't properly thank her or celebrate her unique friendship in any way, shape or form. We need something with some punch! Here are a few of my favorite things...

Let's Have a Cocktail Flask
{Courtesy: Anne Taintor}

Classic Tattoo Stamp Set
{Courtesy: Bombshell Stamps}

{Courtesy: LovMely}

{Courtesy: BettyTurbo}


Lmarie said...

It's so great to find another blogging Columbus bride (found you from your comment on the featured wedding on A Practical Wedding)! It seems like there aren't all that many of us, but maybe we're just not sure how to find each other!

Lmarie said...

Yay! Thanks for the comment and for the link. I'll link you back (plus the other few brides I found through that Practical Wedding post!). Great idea. :)

hennhouse said...

Oh, I just love these--especially that feather headband!

Somertime in the City... said...

I was my sister's maid of honor last summer and I'm the same way. She was stumped. She ended up getting me a monogrammed flask (red leather with silver accents, perfect for tailgating) and I love it.

PS - D posted your blog on CU and he's great so I wanted to check it out. You've got great style! I'm excited to see how things come together!

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