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One thing about wedding planning that I'm really looking forward to is cake tastings! I love to bake and am a bit of a self-proclaimed cake snob. My mom makes killer cakes...so perhaps I'm genetically inclined to have a real, honest-to-goodness love of cake. But not just any cake. I'm very particular about what I look for in a cake and the frosting, especially. Boy do I love a good buttercream!

But regardless of what type of cake you hope for at your wedding (and I promise, I'll revisit this topic again later), you're going to need some type of topper. Nothing sets off a cake like a great topper! Whether it's fresh flowers, marzipan fruits or a little bride and groom, cake toppers are the crowning achievement of any wedding cake and shouldn't be forgotten. Given that just about anything goes nowadays (and that there are a billion options to choose from), I wanted to share a few topperse that I found caught my eye.

{Courtesy Rain's End}

This little wool bird cake topper has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Not only would this quirky, adorable topper make a memorable statement, it's appeal and whimsy is strong enough to make a great conversation piece on a shelf at home post-nuptials.
{Courtesy Fancy Flours}

Who can go wrong with choosing a vintage bride and groom cake topper? Classic, timeless toppers like the one shown above have been a popular choice for decades. Many options are available online on various websites, but can cost more than a lucky eBay find, but nothing beats free -- ask your older family members if they held onto theirs all these years. You may get lucky and get to borrow a family heirloom!

{Courtesy Wedding Details}

If glitzy, kitschy or flowery cake toppers aren't your thing, check out this topper. This chic, understated pair of love birds would look great on a clean, modern cake at any time of year. Doves are a meaningful selection for celebrating your wedding day, too. What a stylish way to show your love for one another!

{Courtesy Debra Moreland via InStyleWeddings.com}
Attention all princess brides! Here's an original way to top off your fairytale wedding cake -- using a topper from Debra Moreland. Cake tiaras certainly add a bit of bling to the cake table and play up the drama and glamor at any fancy fete.

Nothing says garden wedding like a delicate bird's nest. This example was originally created as a centerpiece, but I think it could be an amazing addition to the wedding cake for an outdoor or spring wedding. Bird's nests are an easy DIY project, too, for all you crafty brides out there, and don't require much time to put together. Look for prepainted eggs after Easter, too -- you may find some on sale in a variety of colors. To keep it more realistic, pale yellow or blue are your best bets for choosing eggs. To keep things safe, you may want to place a paper doily or piece of parchment in between the nest and your cake to avoid any issues with edibles.

{Courtesy WeddingFanatic.com}

My mom throws the kind of tea parties that little girls' (and big girls') dreams are made of. She's made table decorations from teacups using fresh flowers and they always look stunning. This example is not one of her original creations, but is a nice sample of how great a teacup, saucer and fresh flowers can look when arranged. The size is right for a multi-tiered cake, too! Just be careful of how much it weighs -- you wouldn't want your top-tier to get smashed from a too-heavy topper. Light, airy baby's breath is a great filler for these toppers and they help keep the weight down. And remember...the more delicate the teacup, the lighter it is (and higher the quality, normally!) This romantic, feminine topper idea would fit right in on top of a wedding shower cake, too. I think I may have to do this one myself!

{Courtesy Martha Stewart}

Wow. Can you believe these delectible fruits are made of marzipan? How beautifully they sit placed in a simple, white bowl atop this scallop-shaped fondant cake. Fresh and bright, these marzipan fruits would be perfect for a summer wedding cake. Maybe you're like me and your wedding will take place in the autumn? Marzipan acorns and leaves would make a perfect adornment. Wendy Kromer Confections is a must for marzipan enthusiasts. Check out the website here -- marzipan cherry kits, bulk cherry blossoms, leaves, fruit and more!


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If I haven't before, let me recommend Piece of Cake in the Short North. Their cakes are delicious.

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