My Wedding Inspiration Board

So I think it's time to share with everyone who may happen upon my little blog my wedding inspiration board. I created this months and months ago. I am a big dork and even made it my computer's desktop image so I could see it easily everyday. I can't lie...I love it and hope, wish and pray D. and I can manage to capture the comforting timelessness found in these images. Enjoy!

{The imagery was pulled from goodness only knows where (*please let me know if you recognize where the images came from!}

{Silk Sashes & Roses: The White Aisle}
{Brown Dress: David's Bridal}
{Cake: Martha Stewart}
{Invitations: Martha Stewart}
{Wedding Dress: Judd Waddell via Brides.com}


hennhouse said...

I so very much heart the colors!!

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