Brought to you by the letter 'W'...

So. I have a few posts now. Only just a few moments ago did I notice that nearly all of them begin with the letter 'W'. What do you think that means? Hmm..interesting..

According to the Uncyclopedia Wiki...

"W is the international symbol for pendulous witch's tits, often seen on the weather forecast maps of Scotland. Aberdeen is particularly prone to showers of witch's tits. (I honestly have no idea what this means..but found it amusing nonetheless.)

The W is also a favourite pirate's symbol, used to denote the location of important things, like buried cash or where to find the cheapest whores when you've spent all your money on grog. (I like pirates, but admittedly, I'm not so keen on cheap whores, though that starts with 'W' also..)

One of the two most boring letters of the alphabet (the other being "k"), rating only two lines in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Fourth Edition."

I rather like the letter 'W', actually. And the letter 'K', for that matter. I have another word that starts With 'W'. Whatever. I digress..


hennhouse said...

So glad I decided to read this from home. Don't know what the boss would have thought if she walked in and saw "witch's tits" on my screen.

Walk... another word that starts with W.

And word.

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