Crocheted Clothes for Kiddos

{roselette top via chez plum}

Confession Friday time. I have an obsession with finding adorable kid's clothing patterns (yes, it's an obsession and no, I don't have kids. Yet.) I save them all up with dreams of dressing my own little brood in classically delish little outfits (because I'm an 'outfits' kinda gal.)

My most recent quest has been to find crocheted sweaters and jackets leaning more toward the timeless classic aesthetic more than pretty much everything else I'm seeing out there. Aaaand. I'm coming up short. I've managed to find about a dozen completely perfect baby-sized cardis, sweaters and jackets, but beyond that -- for the toddling age, I'm coming up short. Sad, isn't it? You more advanced crocheters might be thinking "well, just whip up yourself a larger version of the baby pattern!" I've tried. I've failed. My patience is running short.

However, I did come upon a darling French Etsian called Chez Plum and fell in love with the Roselette Pattern. It comes in lots of sizes AND she even sells a grown-up version! For $5 it was too cute to pass up, so I bought it last night and started working the pattern today. At only 6 rows in, it's crazy quick to make and working up really well. Love it so far! Can't wait to post pics later!

So crafty folks, do you have any classic crocheted clothing patterns for kiddos of all ages?


MSM said...

So different and unique!

25BAR said...

Nice sweaters!

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