Spring Cleaning: Bedroom

Ok folks. I need to come clean about some things. Literally. Like the 84 million pairs of tatty pajama pants I had to cram into my dresser. My guilty habit of attaching sentimental value to clothing I wore a lifetime ago, back when I was this whole other person. The skinny clothes and fat clothes, none of which made me feel beautiful.
 A good start...
For whatever reason or another, I decided this past Friday that I was going to clean out my closet. For reals this time. I then referred to this monumental occasion as the Cathartic Closet Cleaning Experience. And boy was it.

I'm not going to go into the gory details, but I will tell you these few things:

1. I donated 4 bags and 2 bins FULL of stuff.
2. I made a nice chunk of change selling a whole bunch more.
3. Something was seriously wrong with me that I didn't get rid of that crap a long time ago.
4. I know, without a doubt, I will never neglect my closet like that again.
5. My future will focus on quality over quantity.
6. I will have absolutely NO regrets for letting go of any of it. It's just stuff taking up space.
7. That stuff doesn't define me. I won't let it.
8. I will love myself for who I am right now and embrace it with clothing that fits and flatters right now.
9. If I happen to work hard and lose weight, what was I thinking I'd wear 10 year old clothes? Hello!
10. This is only the beginning...I'm going to tackle the entire house, one space at a time.
 Still too many shoes, but no one's perfect!
So, the moral of the story is: let it go. Let it ALL go. It's just stuff. Don't dwell in the "what ifs" and memories you've attached to stuff. Because it's stuff. And it's probably old, ill-fitting, the wrong color, looks like there was a reason it was on sale, I promise if you haven't worn it yet you won't kinda stuff.

I mustered up the gumption (that's for you Bubs ♥) to toss out the old me via my wardrobe this time, but I know some things are easier said that done. As if a sign from God that I was venturing on the right path, before I did The Big Clean on Saturday, I read an article in the March issue of Whole Living about getting rid of stuff cluttering your life. It even comes with a flow chart! I adore a good flow chart. Check out this guide for help on getting started & getting finished (sometimes that's the tricky bit.) It's well worth the read. Then unplug, crank up the tunes, and get to work. I'm willing to bet you might just find yourself under all that stuff. xo


jen said...

ahhhh, now this is inspiring!! i am in major need of doing this.

Toria said...

Oh well done. I don't suppose you want to come and do my bedroom do you? It currently looks like my wardrobe and chest of drawers exploded their contents all over my room. My mother would despair if she saw it.

MSM said...

YOU MOTIVATED ME- I couldnt sleep last night so started ever-so-early tidying up of my closet.

Your article was very well written and very much appreciated- perfect timing for spring cleaning.

You go girl~!

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