Freebie Friday: A Darn Good Lesson

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Yep. That was a pun. Today's freebie is a lesson on how to darn. Aren't you excited?! For years I was fascinated with the seemingly antiquated necessity to darn things, especially socks. I mean...socks. If they get a hole, you buy a new package and toss the old ones, right? Not necessarily. Now those holey items may be given a bit more life, thanks to Penny Sanford's handy dandy darning instructions. Now that I grasp the process of darning,  I finally get to use my grandmother's old darning eggs! Once a favorite to play with (my grandma's sewing room was full of mystery and imagination and was one of my favorite play places), those darning eggs are living in my office, upon a shelf, inside the basket I wove on my honeymoon in Jamaica. My grandma would love that.

So here you go. A quick + dirty guide to darning. Give it a go before you toss out that old favorite!

And in case you'd like one more tutorial, Craftzine offers a pretty good one, too (with great photos for darning things other than socks.)


UNoWhoo said...

DARN! I finally tossed out those favorite olive green argyle socks from the 80s. GRRR.

Well, they lasted 25 years, lol, that is a darn good sock, I tell ya!

Evelyn said...

Ha! I thought of those socks, actually. They had a good run...Sorry I hadn't posted this sooner!

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

cool...thanks for sharing! Beth

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