List seven: my biggest fears


I read an amazing article by Lara Casey the other day and it really got me thinking of my fears, where they come from and how I can control them to make super-amazing things happen in my life. Here's my list. It's not a fear of heights or spiders or the like. It's about the shadowy parts of my personality that I feel hold me back from being the best version of myself. It was pretty liberating to write it all down. It's clear that I have a lot to learn about my fears, but writing them down is a good start. Take that, fear.


1. Of never being viewed as successful, despite my hard work.

2. Of disappointing the people closest to me, whose opinions I value almost too much. (That's hard to admit.)

3. Of feeling alone and unpopular.

4. Of never having enough money.

5. Of being too old to have kids by the time we're ready.

6. Of never being "ready".

7. Of missing out on stuff, big and small,  because of being too tired, too broke or too lazy.

8. Of my not saving enough money now for later in life.

9. Of failing as a friend and...

10. Of losing friendships when I don't nurture them as well as I should.

11. Of admitting that I can't do it all.

12. Of never being able to get fit and what it could do to my health.

13. Of hurting my marriage because I'm quicker to blame others than take responsibility.

14. Of being wrong...and when I know I am,

15. Of admitting it and apologizing.


MSM said...


That really takes courage. Half of healing (Englightenment, whatever one calls it) is admitting things like this to others...good for you!

I am doing to make my own list, and if I am brave as you have been, perhaps I shall come back on here and share.

I am not as brave.

Caketin said...

Thank you for this. I think a lot of those would be on my list too. It's good to know I'm not the only one!

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