Good Morning Ohio: Wholly Craft!

Did you know that to say "good morning" in Japanese is "Ohayou gozaimasu"? Yep, 'Ohayou' is a homonym for 'Ohio' and, because I think it's a super cool coincidence, it's now the name of my newest feature. Welcome to Good Morning Ohio!

I love Ohio and especially love Columbus. More often than not, when traveling and telling people I live in Columbus, Ohio, I get one of two responses 1. they've never heard of my great state or 2. they think Columbus is a cow town. That makes me sad! So from now on, every Thursday I'm going to be sharing with you a little bit of my home state! It is dedicated to all those folks who haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting Columbus (or Ohio, for that matter). It will be your quick and dirty education on all the awesomeness that is Ohio.

Hey -- if you live, work, blog or have something fantastic to share with my readers about Ohio, please let me know. Good Morning Ohio is all about supporting and loving our local yokels! Got a product? A business? A story, vacation spot, photo, event or idea? Email me!

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Good morning to Columbus/Clintonville's handmade hotspot Wholly Craft!
Wholly Craft!
This is definitely one brick-and-mortar establishment you want to support, as they offer consigned goods from over 100 local indie artists, designers, and crafters. You'll find everything from purses to plushies and everything in between at Wholly Craft! Plus, it has an awesome name.

"Wholly Craft! opened its doors in 2005. Our purpose in being is to provide Columbus, Ohio with a comfortable place to shop for handmade goods, a fun and fabulous alternative to mass-produced madness. You’re sure to find unique little gifts for yourself and your loved ones."

Best of all: This is the kind of place to drag your suburban, (literally) outside-the-loop friends. They will love it, find at least one thing to buy and thank you for showing them this very cool store. Way to support your local indie industry, Columbusonians! Win!


passport in my pocket said...

this is a great post! thanks for sharing.

I miss me some c-bus. :)

Anonymous said...

You rock, never even heard of this place. Gotta go soon, thanks for great post.

jen said...

awww.... loving this. we live in a columbus suburb, and im so sad that people think ohio is the sticks!! not central ohio :) we love it here!! cant wait to see all you post about. believe it or not i havent been to wholly craft yet, but i need to!!

Eve said...

Thanks guys! Glad you're down for some C-bus lovin' :)

HennHouse said...

This "Good Morning, Ohio" series?

Just one more reason to totally adore you.

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