List three: My Favorite $10 Words

As a kid, Mom encouraged us to embrace language. We made using big words correctly a game of sorts and, when we kids impressed her with a properly-used, sometimes large and atypical word, she'd 'ooh' and 'aah' and say, "Now that's a great $10 word." I love when Mom tells me that, even if she's the same lady who teased me relentlessly for using the word 'slacks' instead of 'pants'. Oh well, you can't win them all, I suppose.

(P.S. There's always bonus points if you know how to spell them.)

1. vernacular
2. precedent
3. juxtaposition
4. precipice
5. quirky
6. exuberance
7. finagle
8. countenance
9. mundane
10. arbitrary
11. ceaselessly
12. obscurity
13. abject
14. futile
15. commiserate
*16. plethora

(*edit: Added because Mom is right - it cannot be left off the list!)


Mom said...

Oh, how about the word "plethora?"

And, let's not forget that same oddly encouraging momma who had once been known to actually tell a boy calling on the phone "I'm sorry, but I do believe she has retired for the evening."

What a buncha speaking goofs in the wrong century hahaha.

Anonymous said...

and here is an oldie - but its plum chock-full of them 10 dollah words.
"Muckluks! Muckluks!"


Eve said...

^^^ that there? That's the definition for the quickest way to mortify and/or scar for life a 12-year-old boy-crazy daughter.

Oh Mom. You really said that. Still one of the funniest stories ever!

tara - scoutie girl said...

mom is very right. plethora is an amazing word.

and i knew i liked you. a lot.

love this list!!! i'm a word slut. nay, whore - cause i get paid ;) and my biggies are already on this list.

my friends always make fun of me for my vocabulary - they're just jealous, of course.

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