Adventures in Bavaria: Regensburg

After a couple of days in Nuremberg, the Viking ship cruised down the river to Regensburg. Wow. It was cold. Really cold. Like -15°C...that's a whopping 5°F! Lord only knows what it was with the wind chill (because there was wind. Cold wind.) And we were outside. Walking. Everywhere. But who cares about the cold? It was really pretty! The best part for me was, after dinner, we met up with my father-in-law's old colleague Michael and his wife, who live in the Regensburg city center for great conversation, a few classes of (really amazing) champagne, wine and paté. Yum. And what's more, they had a very lovely little feline who loved me (but loved Bubs more...I think it was because he ignored her. You know how cats get.)

Very nearly rivaling the top-billing in Regensburg for me were the St. Emmeram's buildings (aka Schloss Thurn und Taxis. shown below.) The monastery was originally founded in 739 by Benedictine monks and had several centuries of development and growth. After the dissolution of the Imperial City of Regensburg, the Bishopric of Regensburg and two other Imperial Abbeys for the newly-formed Principality of Regensburg (learn more here), the treasures of St. Emmeram's Abbey were moved to Munich. In 1812, all of the monastic buildings were then given to the princes of Thurn and Taxis, who are recognized as being a key player in the invention of the European Postal Service in the 16th century (as well as opening breweries and building numerous castles.) The Thurn and Taxis buildings are open to the public for tours and the grounds house countless events throughout the year (including the Regensburg Christmas Market), even though the widowed Princess Gloria still lives there. (She's a really cool lady, btw.) Unfortunately (yet, understandably), we weren't allowed to photograph inside the buildings, but we got a few shots of the buildings from the outside.

And how could I not mention St. Peter's in Regensburg? We were able to warm up (sort of) inside and listen to an organ concert. To say it was beautiful is a gross understatement. The evening sun was coming in and shining down on our pew and I felt the light of God. It was truly amazing. They sure don't make churches like they used to, do they?

That's it for Regensburg...Passau and Prague tomorrow!


HennHouse said...

These photos are amazing... I bet the scenery was even more stunning in person!

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