Post-Halloween, Pre-Wedding Fun

Yay! I stole a few moments from an otherwise crazy-busy day to say what a great time we had on Halloween, share some fun pictures and gush about wedding stuff. And who doesn't love all that good stuff?!

Let's start with Halloween. Oh it was SO much fun! Passed out treats at Momma's house. It's nothing short of amazing that I managed to bribe convince two other people to don mouse costumes, but it worked! Momma, D. and I were the Three Blind Mice for trick-or-treating and Mr. M was one VERY scary butcher. /shudder

My completely adorable future nieces. Cutest flower fairies ever!

Then, as if one costume wasn't enough fun for all, D. and I went home, changed costumes (Sookie Stackhouse & Vampire Bill from True Blood) and headed off to the Short North Highball. Aside from being very cold, it was a blast. Spiked hot apple cider for me, beer for D., friends, music and some of the most creative, brilliant costumes I've ever seen...and nearly all hand-made! Yay! We were too cold to see who made away with the $1,000 Grand Prize costume prize. Can't wait for next year!

After a whirlwind weekend, bright and early Monday morning, I had my final dress fitting! Hurrah! And aside from the seamstress accidentally giving my crinoline away to another bride just a few days ago, it was perfect. The bustle. OH! Who knew I'd love my dress even more with a bustle?! Seriously, folks. I didn't want to take the dress off. Momma had to tell me we had to go. Twice. As far as wedding dresses go, I think that's about as much dress love as I've had. But really. I have to find a way to wear it again, somewhere, sometime. Once just isn't enough!

This week is the last big push for wrapping up those pesky To Do list items, but I am feeling pretty good. Honestly, I can say that the hard work up to this point was completely worth it. Next week, all I'll need to do is get a massage, a mani/pedi, drop off my vases to the florist and relax with my friends and family. Then? It's GO time!

10 more days and counting..!


writtenbliss said...

I was Sookie for Halloween, too! Your costume looks significantly warmer than mine, though. I should have thought that through before wearing a short sleeved T-shirt and short shorts. :(

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