Butcherblock Love

We eat, prepare, bake and cool food on our kitchen counter. We also use it as a beverage station during parties, a craft table and a drop spot for mail, groceries and other stuff. What are your thoughts butcherblock regarding cleanability, durability and appearance after breaking them in?

Does anyone have one who may share advice and bits of wisdom on their maintenance? We have atrocious faux butcherblock in the kitchen now and I'm not such a fan, but I also don't want to spend a fortune on granite...I'd prefer to save up for a sexy subway tile backsplash, too ;)

The Hot.


HennHouse said...

Tim's parents have butcherblock counters. Every once in a while they wipe it down with mineral oil to keep it nice, but other than that, it is SO easy to care for. If you cut right on it, you may have to sand it down periodically and retreat it.

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