13 Today

{First day of school, 3 years ago. More fashion sense at 10 than most adults.}

My cousin turns 13 today. He's one cool kid, too...though he told me two days ago, "In two days, I'm not a kid anymore." My sister and I howled. We tried to tell him that WE are still kids in the eyes of our adults. We tried to tell him he'll always be a kid to us, but I'm fairly certain he ignored us (as 13-year-olds are prone to do.)

All of this got me thinking...do you remember your 13th birthday? I remember 10 (aka Batman birthday) and I remember 15 (Jack's Surfboards t-shirt present birthday) and 16 (one. memorable. birthday), but 13? I'm drawing a blank. Funny how when it's your day, you're so impressionable. You're so right there in the moment. Then? 17 years pass and you don't remember a thing.

Birthdays are a big deal in our family, but especially to my Sissy and me. We go all out. We prefer to make (and receive) handmade cards and gifts, too, if you're of the craft-friendly persuasion. Queen for the day, dinner is your choice. Sissy's choice was always mom's spaghetti (because, frankly, it rocks.) Mine? I think it was a toss-up between pizza and hot dogs and mac & cheese. What can I say? I had simple tastes. Heck, I still think that would make for a tasty birthday dinner!

What is your fondest (or most memorable) birthday? Did it involve mac & cheese or too many Jell-o shots like a few of my birthdays past? Though I have a tendency to think every year is better than the last because it's another year here to celebrate, I think one of my top fave birthdays was my 30th. Perfection.

So, to my cousin T. The only 3-year-old who loved The Beastie Boys and skateboarding...not that Sissy didn't have a little something to do with it :) We love you, kid (oops, I mean, man.)


Mum said...

AWL, seems like yesterday when you were 3, then 13,etc.

I remember so well K asking T "Who's your favorite Beastie? And he would laugh and yell AD ROCK!!!"

My how the time flies fast past.

My favorite birthday is hard to decide upon, but I can tell you it is NOT the upcoming one, that I can assure you. Yuckies.

Auntie always said "Getting old is not for the weak." I think I am beginning to see what she meant by that, slowly but surely.

but I am surely blessed with each year, as life is a gift that we all need to cherish, even if it means sags, bags and brittle tired sore bones.


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