Drying For Freedom, A Film About Clotheslines

Apartment Therapy has a good write-up and video snippet on the documentary Drying For Freedom, A Film About Clotheslines that I found interesting. It's all about promoting clothesline drying and cold water washing to reduce energy consumption, being driven by Project Laundry.

I've been talking for ages about wanting to line dry again (when I was a kid, we line dried our clothes whenever Ohio weather would allow us.) Nothing smells as lovely as line-dried clothing, not to mention how unbelievably more responsible it is.

Now, imagine for a moment that you're not allowed to line dry your clothing? Really think about it.

Taken from the "Right to Dry" Campaign: "
Community covenants, landlord prohibitions, and zoning laws are the three primary means of stopping people from using clotheslines. State, local, and federal legislators are encouraged to introduce "Right to Dry" legislation to stem this growing problem; government executives and commissioners are encouraged to act by executive order or rule-making. It is time for Americans to re-claim their rights and shine the sun on common sense solutions."

So let me ask you: How do you feel about line drying laundry? If you already do it, what advice would you give to those considering it? If you don't, what would it take to convince you to start?

Did you know that almost 6% of residential electricity consumption goes to your clothes dryer? That's appalling, actually.


Anonymous said...

Our association does not allow clotheslines, but, like yourself, I grew up drying clothes. We only did some things, though - sheets and hankies and shirts - but we always machine dried heavy towels and jeans. I think it is because they were too heavy for my mom and us kids to lug, and because the males in the family didn't like the crispness of the denim from line drying.

I LOVED the smell of fresh line dried sheets, and no amount of dryer sheets or fabric softner can bring that back.

I think it is responsible, fun, sometimes a disaster, good excercise and a GREAT idea.

Oh, and may I also add that it is VERY responsible for the peeps who do use their dryer to make certain that they have their hot air vents cleaned periodically - it saves a ton of energy and wear and tear on a machine - not to mention fire hazards.

they say it is the leading cause of house fires! Not to mention energy theivery! Some say have it done once a year, I usually do one every other because we don't have much landry (dry clean and hand washables mostly.)

Nice post.

williac said...

I thought about it until I tried to paint something.

Between a tree that's constantly shedding, birds, squirrels, and the surprisingly acrobatic groundhog I keep finding in the tree, nothing in my backyard can stay clean.

writtenbliss said...

Arg, our neighborhood doesn't allow line drying either. It's so frustrating!

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