Busy Bee

Gosh, sorry for not posting anything new this morning...I spaced out! I've been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off (gross), trying to get every last bit and bob that is needed to finish putting together the wedding invitation suite so they can go out next week (*squee*).

And, for the record, I did spend a fair amount of time in Filene's/DSW, but let it be known that I didn't purchase a single thing (how's that for willpower!)

Without completely revealing my true geekedness, I'm also going to just say that I'm having some intermittent issues with my graphics card. Strange things with virtual memory not being dumped properly. Anyhoo. It's a pain and so I'm trying like the dickens to figure that one out...which is turning out to be relatively complicated. I digress..

The rest of this week is shaping up to be festive and busy, with working on the invitations, my bridal shower and two birthday parties this weekend. What a whirlwind! And to make things even more completely fantastic, my new online BFF from one of my favorite retailers is sending the man and I a super secret wedding gift. AHH! So excited! It was very unexpected, but we've had a great time with a little back-and-forth Q & A. If I get the green light, I'll share more on that later :)

So...this was my very long (winded) explanation as to why this week's postings may get a little thin...Thank you kindly for understanding! I swear, your regularly-scheduled postings are back on track on Monday! Or perhaps Tuesday...but soon!



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