She's Crafty.

I am feeling rather crafty today, but my formerly-tidy work and craft room is an utter mess. Why, you ask? I anted up and moved nearly all remaining boxes and bags from mom's basement. Oh yes, darling readers. The Final Move. Now I'm really starting to feel like a grown up :)

Now I'm off to create something lovely. Or not. Maybe I'll clean like I know I should... but probably not... Terrible, aren't I? I sure am lucky that my darling puts up with me the way he does. Oh and how he does!


Mom said...

Thank you, Evelyn!

I am now considering having a Edwardianesque dancing ball in our basement now that it is once again such a large space...or perhaps making it a skating rink or skate-board park? LOL.

Settling for making it tidy again is a goal I share with you, dear daughter, and I intend to. Maybe. One of these days. I am still reeling from the intensity of having that garage sale, whew, that is a major undertaking. Now wonder I waited so long to do it, haha. And all I did was keep your sister company, haha.

Good luck on getting your office in ship-shape. it is a wonderful space, for which you should be proud and creative.

Enjoying your blogs immenseley, great reads and pics!

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