Fun Mail

Oh the joy of coming home to not one...not two...but THREE boxes of goodies that arrived over the weekend! I'm so excited!

Though it was a little bit silly of me to buy things for myself, I couldn't not buy this fantastic tote when my mom showed it to me. It has horseshoes, for goodness sakes! It is now the official Bride-to-be Wedding Carry-all. Get it? I'm getting married on Friday the 13th..? Horseshoes? Good luck? Ah yes, a bit droll, but when droll comes in a handy zippered, embroidered tote from Ballard Designs, I'm all over it. Besides...it was on sale :)

Other goodies that arrived include these cheerful yellow stripy baking cups from Bake it Pretty:
...and a new pastry bag and big ol' fatty pastry tip to make what I fondly refer to as 'dog poopy icing' cupcakes -- I know, I know... it's completely gross, but look at this pic! If the icing were brown, that's so what it would look like...you know I'm right!

I hate being a tease, but since the 3rd box of fun mail contains super top secret wedding stuff, I can't yet reveal it's contents...Oh I really can't wait to share all of the fun wedding details with you all! November can't come soon enough!


{The Perfect Palette} said...

fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

haha dog poop frosting hahaha. u r funny lol

great pics

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