The Value of My Dollar {Pt. 4}

Exhibit 4: No-Pressure Sales

Shopping when you don't really need anything is empowering. You don't succumb to sales pitches or sales racks. You know what you have and you know what you need...eventually. You have as much time as you need, too, which gives you time to research a better deal. Think about it like this: It's January and you have $20. You hit the post-Christmas sales to see what deals you can find. All ornaments are 75% off -- about $1.25 each from their original $5. You buy 10 at $12.50. Now here's the value: yes, you had to spend $12.50, but you saved yourself $37.50, if you bought those same ornaments in October, right before Christmas. Sometimes, it takes money to save money in the long run.

Shopping early has HUGE advantages, but you have to be organized to be successful. Take note and assess everything you already own, what key pieces you need and what you'd love. Keep holidays, birthdays and other events in mind throughout the year and buy on sale when you can.

Personally, I've been shopping for my honeymoon (even though it's not until December) because we're going to Jamaica and, right now, all of my local stores are featuring summer stock. Have you ever tried to find summer clothes in November? It's almost impossible! By shopping for the few items I'd like to have on my h'moon now, I get to use them all summer long, may take advantage of summer sales and have them for December. It's not so much "impulse shopping" as "carpe diem" shopping.

Now, this doesn't always apply to every item, but, given that the majority of my shopping lately is wedding-related, I've found that nearly everything I buy, if I weren't patient and in control of what I am shopping for, could end up spiraling out of control and I'd end up spending 30, 40 or 50% more than I should. Besides, everything with the word 'wedding' tacked on is more costly, so the more time I give myself to research and find a good deal, that's money in the bank. But I'm also not the kind of person who equates self-worth to material cost. An insecure bride-to-be may think she's better than buying discounted items for her wedding. Maybe she even thinks that, if she didn't spend full-price on that guest book, that people may think she's discounting her very marriage. It's sad, really.


Keeping up with the Joneses said...

Last year I went on my honeymoon to Jamaica. I feel your pain. I did most of my shopping in late August so that I would also hit the end of summer sales. I hope you have better weather than we did. Hurricane Paloma decided to show up while we were there so it was really rainy. If you want any recommendations as far as activities let me know. You're going to have so much fun!

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