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Did you know that, by law, you must remove the door to a refrigerator you are throwing out? I learned that at this auction. Brilliant recycling, don't you think? I saw these fridge door shelves at an auction. We can all learn a little something from those who lived through the Depression.



Mrs. B said...

OH! I haven't seen that in so long, but I have certainly seen this done many times with these newer designs of iceboxes. Back years ago the rounded sided ones didn't fit so snugly and close to the wall.

Thank you for showing your younger generation that is it "cool" to think "outside the box" (pun was intended) with reusing and repurposing items b ig and small....it may be all that saves your children's children!

anna said...


Eve said...

@ Mrs. B - thank you for appreciating and even more for understanding! Though I'm not completely in enthralled with our modern world, I figure that since I'm here, I'll do my best to keep it around awhile longer :)

@ Anna - Isn't it just?!

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