Saturday Smoker Craziness (Foodie Heaven)

D. has been a serious BBQ fan for a long time now, but until recently he only did the standard BBQ grilling...that was, until he bought a big ol' smoker! Now we have both a BBQ AND a smoker. Now, this isn't your average, run-of-the-mill smoker. With some ingenuity and a little help, he's made modifications to it that make it a Super Smoker.

Of course, I'm a BBQ fan myself, so all of this just came with one teeny tiny stipulation from me. Feed me and I'm happy.

Saturday was the day of reckoning. Here are D.'s photos and commentary on what craziness transpired! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...I'm off to eat some leftovers ;)

P.S. Sorry, Tim. I know that this is a whole new level of food cruelty, posting all of this smoky goodness!!

· 3 racks of baby backs (with 3 different dry rubs)
· 2 stuffed chickens (one with onions and the other with Granny Smiths and Crasins)
· 1 fattie (sausage roll stuffed with cheese and sauteed veggies, wrapped in weaved bacon)

D. sporting the custom apron I made for him :)

getting it fired up
after reaching 225 degrees on the smoker.. on go the ribs (sorry for the junk picture, it's sunny today!)
in an hour it's chicken time
1 hour in and on goes the chicken
sprayed the ribs down with apple juice/run mix
two hours in, the ribs get wrapped in foil for 2 hours
next up... the fattie goes on
ribs and chicken are done
it's eating time!
All day cooking...it was worth it!


M & M said...

Oh and how delicious too- a meal fit for royalty! Thank you so much!!!

M & M

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