New Sewing Table/Desk

What do you think of my new (to-me) ex-desk-now-sewing-table? Isn't it a gem? Best part? $5 at a local auction. Oh yes. All she needs is a new coat of paint and maybe some new hardware.


HennHouse said...

I love it... what color are you going to paint it?

Mrs. B said...

Well, dear, you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk with repurposing and reusing items. Good for you!

Congratulations on a really great find, Evelyn! It is a fabulous desk, and looks sturdy and very well made - which is amazing as it costs the same as a sandwich!

Eve said...

Thanks girls! I appreciate it!

@ HennHouse -- I think just a fresh coat of bright white will work best in the office. I considered red, but now that I have it in here, white is looking like the front runner.

@ Mrs. B -- well thank you kindly! It's incredibly well-made, I could hardly believe it! Perfect size, as well. I sure do love my auction finds :)

liz @ chic on the cheap said...

i love it! even with the old paint and hardware.

tho, i think it could be super cute in a crazy bright color. rusty orange or bright teal.

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