{Bombshell Beauty} Summer Essentials

I don't know about you, but I love just about everything to do with summer. The BBQs, sun-kissed skin, swimming, fresh fruits and Ohio sweet corn. What's not to love?!

Oh yeah. That would be sweat, mosquito bites, sunburns...yeah, the not-so-lovely things about the summer season.

So what can we do to still be bombshells amidst all these perils? Be prepared!

Shoo Skeeter, Don't Bother Me!

Mother Nature has bestowed upon us some fantastic essential oils to repel my biggest summertime nemesis: the mosquito.

Want to mix up a mixture of your own? Here's what you'll need:

· 10-25 drops (total) essential oils
· 2 tablespoons carrier oil or alcohol

Essential oils: cinnamon, lemon eucalyptus, citronella, Castor, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, peppermint, clove and geranium.

Carrier oils/alcohol: olive, sunflower or any other cooking oil, witch hazel or vodka.

Mix together the oil and the carrier liquid. Rub or spray onto skin or clothing (test for allergic reactions and what it may do to fabric first!) You may find that you have to reapply the natural solution more frequently than it's more chemically-processed cousins (after an hour or so.) Be sure to apply after swimming or sweating/exercise. Larger amounts of the repellent solution can be mixed and stored in a dark bottle away from heat or sunlight. I suggest an amber glass jar from The Container Store and storing it in the fridge or medicine cabinet.

Compiled in parts via about.com here, here and here.

Soothe Your Skin

Sunburns are painful, unattractive and dangerous. Overexposure to UV-rays can lead to skin melanoma, skin damage (like wrinkles and premature aging) and, in extreme cases, sun poisoning. Care should always be taken before going out in the sun!

But if you happen to find yourself with a bit of a burn, here's a few handy tricks to help ease your discomfort.

· Milk Compress:
Cool compress of equal parts milk and water. Gently wring out a cloth and lay gently onto affected area for 15-20 minutes. Refresh cloth every couple of hours.

· Aloe:
Applying the inside of fresh Aloe plant leaves is great, if you have it. If not, your local pharmacist should have lots of Aloe products available. We keep ours in the fridge for extra cool relief.

· Water:
As in cool (not cold) baths and re-hydration. Be sure to drink lots of water while your sunburned to help thwart the effects of dehydration (headache is a tell-tale sign.)

Compiled from several sources here and here.

Sweat isn't Sexy (But it's Natural)

Sweating is your body's natural means of regulating body temperature. The same way a dog wags its tongue to cool off, humans sweat. Yay, right? Now, there are lots of debates on deodorants, antiperspirants and natural versus unnatural, but I'm mainly interested in how to minimize sweat (or the appearance of) even just slightly, for the average sweater (hee!). We're all different and our bodies are different, so nothing is a blanket solution unfortunately. All I can hope to do is make our sweat slightly more discreet!

· Talc/baking soda: I am a huge fan of both, especially in the summer. I have found that a cool bath and a bit of dusting onto the body of either a talcum powder or baking soda can help keep things a bit drier (such as under arms or breasts.)

· Clothing: Cotton or specifically-designed fitness clothing certainly can help with sweat. You want to make sure your clothing isn't the problem (hello, Polyester!) Synthetic fabrics which don't let your skin "breathe" could be making your sweat problem worse. Stick to natural fabrics or specialty fitness clothing designed for such things. Also, thin cotton camisoles work wonders under dresses and shirts in the summer, just like a men's undershirt would. Dark clothing helps disguise sweat marks more effectively, as well.

· Bra liners: I came across BraMates recently and I've been really interested in giving these a try. I like that it's a chemical-free, washable and reusable product, too! From what I understand, they are bra liners and inserts which are placed between the bottom of the breast and the bra and are supposed to wick away sweat from the area, thus reducing unsightly "boob sweat" marks (wow, do I hate those.)

Do you have any summertime tips for other Bombshells that you'd like to share? Please do! I can't wait to read how everyone else maintains their fabulosity during the hot months!


Mrs. B said...


I have been using lavender essential oils most of my life to keep away biting insects. My mother taught me, and her mother taught her about that "Hint from Heloise," if you will.

I also like to use my essential oil burner outdoors from lavender oil - beats the toxic smell of certain bug-repellants, is pleasant, relaxing and keeps flying insects at bay!

I enjoyed this post, thank you for the wonderful tips.

Eve said...

Lavender - I love lavender! My mom is a huge advocate for all of it's fantastic properties and purposes and I have a mixture in a glass spray bottle next to my bed for nights I have trouble sleeping. I am so excited that it keeps the bugs away, too! Simply brilliant! Thanks for sharing your tips, too!

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