Plarn & Free Crochet Tote Pattern

Now those plastic grocery bags can hold more than kitty litter...
{Courtesy kseNYA @ Etsy}

I learned something new today and that something is plarn (aka plastic+yarn). Here's the haps:

Plarn is a yarn of sorts that is created by cutting plastic grocery store bags into strips and knotting them together in such a way that creates a continuous length, which is perfect for crocheting together.

I am enthralled. Why hadn't I thought of that?! I just discovered myrecycledbags.com and the instructions for making plarn. Thanks to Etsy Labs, I knew about fusing together plastic bags to make a fabric, but plastic yarn? Really, I think I'm in love. Durable, repurposed plastic crocheted net bags are perfect for so many things -- the beach, the market, the library, everyday shopper-style carry-alls for work...this DIY project is added right smack dab at the top of my DIY To-Do list (right behind the wedding projects, of course!)

Want a ton o' inspiration? Check out the Knit and Crochet with Plastic Bags Flickr group.

Hey fellow 'hookers' (or crocheters, if you prefer), here's a link to her free pattern for the 8" handled shopping bag: THANK YOU, CINDY @ myrecycledbags.com!


Mrs. B said...

Well isn't it something to have the youths of today reusing something as mundane as grocery bags? This amazes me to no end, how truly clever.

Thank you for sharing this, makes me worry less about Mother Earth's future!

Now just where did I leave my croquet implements?

Eve said...

Oh Mrs. B, you can't imagine how much I love your comments :)

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