Memorial Weekend Recap

Sorry for the delay in posting all about how are Memorial Weekend went, but I had a print deadline at work that kept me away from the fun stuff :)

Without further ado...the weekend.

I finished putting together my new Expedit shelves from Ikea...and all my records now have happy little cubbies to live in! Now that I have so much room for records and books, I'm going to have to be veeeery careful not to go crazy buying more (though that will be a big challenge, coming into auction season!)

We hit the track (harness horse racing) and I won $8.40! Lost another $15, but still...

We poked around our favorite garden center and bought lots of flowers and veggies to plant.

We planted bi-colored marigolds in the front flower boxes, green bell peppers, orange bell peppers and pumpkins (even though the squirrels *always* dig them up, D. insists on pumpkins) in our edible garden area and three little orange impatiens in blue ceramic jars for my office. Alas, no tomatoes this year...after two years of squirrels pilfering every last one, we decided it made more sense to stick with peppers and trade Mr. & Mrs. for tomatoes!

Hit the Asian Festival at Franklin Park for the very first time. Though the heat was sweltering, the food was tasty! We were even interviewed -- I think they liked my chopsticks skills :)

There's so much more, but those were the big highlights. Oh, we ate well, too...dined on everything from Okinawan noodles to Future Bro-in-law's smoked pork shoulder, pistacio Jeni's ice cream and Tastefully Simple trail mix bars with Damson Plum jam.

Here's a big THANK YOU to all the veterans out there for your honor, hard work, courage and dedication. My hat will always be off to you all and my hand outstretched to thank you and welcome you home.


HennHouse said...

I really love those shelves. I've been looking for something to organize my fabric and scrapbooking stuff on... Ikea you say?

Tomatoes: If you plant them (and I've got extra seedlings if you want to try again), put a cage around them and hang old cds or dvds from the cage. Looks kinda silly, but it keeps the wildlife away.

Eve said...

Yes! Ikea is a must if you're looking for any kind of organization or shelving solutions. It was all so affordable and very sturdy, too!

The cages with CDs are such a good idea. I told D. he needed to build a big fence with chicken wire, but he only listens selectively, I think, because he's never done it :) I may have to take you up on those seedlings!

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