{Bombshell Beauty} Hints from Heloise

I've always been a huge fan of Heloise, with all of her hints saving me money, time, energy and follow "green" philosophies more often than not.

This month, I wanted to share with you some Hints from Heloise that I love and hope they translate into keeping us the fab-b Bombshells that I know we are!

Problem: Stains...particularly blood stains. Sorry, gents. This has been a problem for us ladies at one time or another at least once in our lives. I'm all for Mother Nature blessing me with working plumbing, so to speak, but I'd sure like it to not do so all over my clothes.

Solution: For clothes that you launder, soaking the bloodstained garment in cold water for about 30 minutes will usually remove it. However, if stains are visible, mix a bit of water with unseasoned meat tenderizer (which breaks down the protein in the blood) and apply to the area. If the garment can’t be laundered at home, take it to the dry cleaner right away and identify the stain. Let the professionals save the clothing.

Problem: Split ends.
Solution: Try a secret of the stars....castor oil on hair ends after drying can help smooth split ends.

Problem: Stinky car.
Solution: Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in your car trash bag or in the ashtrays.

Problem: Weak, brittle nails.
Solution: Put decolorized iodine on the tips of your nails every night for one week, then once a week or less often just to maintain hardness.

Other helpful hints, tricks & formulas:

Milk Bath Soak:
Pour a cup or more of powdered milk under running bath water. The lactic acid in the milk will remove dry dead skin and leave you baby soft. Powered milk is quite reasonably priced compared to those expensive bath oils and soaks. Just add a drop or two of some scented oil if you want a really dreamy bath!

Puffy Eyes: Preparation H was used by beauty pageant contestants, put under the eyes takes down puffiness due to the anti-flammatory ingredients, dermatolgists don't necessarily recommend this home remedy but admit it isn't likely to do any harm. Preparation H also contains: shark liver oil ( a highly regarded moisturizer); a yeast extract (some believe, promotes the growth of new skin cells and creating firmer skin).

Healthy, Fresh Hair:Grandma’s hair always smelled great and had a wonderful shine. Her secret trick for healthy hair was a Rosemary rinse. Grandma would pick about 1/4 cup of fresh Rosemary and pour 1 cup of boiling water over it. She would let it sit for about three minutes and then she would strain off the water and use it as a rinse on her freshly shampooed hair. Grandma’s rinse works best on brown or auburn hair.


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