Inspiration Board: Pink + Green Preppy Party

{Top L to R: JenniB Originals, The Preppy Wedding, Doodlefish Kids, Country Living}
{Bottom L to R: Martha Stewart, The Palm Gifts, flowers unknown, tablescape unknown}

Even though it snowed today (yay, Ohio), I'm ready to get going on outdoor parties! Meatalicious BBQs, fancy frilly tea parties, Monday margarita parties...as soon as the weather warms up, I'll find any excuse to be outside - preferably in a new frock and donning a cocktail, but I'll settle for flip flops and a Heineken just the same.

My girls have been poking around and asking questions about what kind of bridal shower I may like to have...and it turns out that I have a pretty clear vision of what I'd like to have (BIG shock, right? Ha!). Here's what I'm thinking...Take 1 part English garden party and mix together with equal parts preppy and girly with a healthy pinch of vintage, somehow involve pink, apple green and maybe a bit of pale yellow, grosgrain bows and fabric banners festooning a lovely covered porch or some such thing, brightly colored sundresses and hats, ice cold drinks, fresh berries, tiny savories and sweets...yep. That's sorta what I'm thinking :) I know that pink and green has been completely beaten to death, but there is something so intrinsically classic about it, why mess with perfection? Pale blue and bright red. Always another fav of mine. Wouldn't mind yellow and green either...perhaps more inspiration boards are in order!


Mrs. B said...

OOOhhhhh may I come? It absolutely sounds heavenly!

Eve said...

Thank you, thank you, Mrs. B! Just enough whimsy to keep one blissful, I think :)

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